Our Process Towards Solutions

and how we collaborate with Clients

Software is only good if it solves the correct problems. We work closely with clients to make sure we accurately understand their current issues and that we have a clear picture of what the ideal solution should be. Client input and understanding their true needs are integral to our development process. 

  1. Evaluate the Existing System: Our migration process begins with a comprehensive evaluation of your current state.  This involves an analysis of the existing systems architecture, data, business logic and user requirements. Through this assessment, we identify areas that require improvement and gain a thorough understanding of the challenges and opportunities presented by the migration.

  2. Define the Ideal Future State: Based on the evaluation, we collaboratively define the ideal future state of your project by outlining specific goals, functionalities, and performance benchmarks that the upgraded system should achieve. By establishing a clear vision for the future, we create a roadmap for the migration process that aligns with your business objectives.

  3. Update Database Structure and Normalization: Updating and normalizing your database structure is a critical aspect of our migration solution. Our team ensures that your database is optimized for efficiency, scalability, and data integrity. For more information on our approach to database structure and normalization, refer to our dedicated page on this topic.

  4. Development with Client Feedback and Review: Throughout the development phase, we maintain open lines of communication. Regular feedback and review sessions along with project status meetings to ensure that the evolving system aligns with your expectations and requirements. This iterative approach allows for adjustments and enhancements based on real-time input from clients.

  5. Data Migration: Smooth and secure data migration is a key focus of our solution. We employ industry best practices to transfer data from the existing system to the upgraded one. Our process ensures minimal downtime and data loss, allowing for a seamless transition while preserving the integrity of our clients’ information.

  6. Deployment: We facilitate installation on our client’s chosen hosting environment.  We work with the client to devise the best hosting solution for them.  This may be on their local servers or a hosted cloud environment. Our team ensures a smooth deployment, configuring the system to maximize performance and reliability in the chosen environment. We also offer training and documentation to help with greater staff buy in and long term success. 

  7. Maintenance and Support: We can tailor the maintenance and support options to fit your needs.  Some clients want to manage that themselves, others have us handle all maintenance and support and others prefer a hybrid approach.  We want you to succeed long term without feeling like you are locked into a long term contract.

By continually refining this process and our solution framework over the last twenty years, we continue to deliver successful web migration projects that address existing challenges and provide our clients companies with a  future-ready infrastructure. 

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