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What We Do

We use a practical results driven approach to provide custom application, database, and web solutions.

Web Applications / APIs

We specialize in the custom software and website needs of small and mid-sized businesses with web, mobile, and cloud based solutions. We look to leverage the right tools including cloud services API’s and powerful data analytics tools.

What projects can we create?

Database Consulting

Our customized Microsoft SQL Server, MS Access, or MySQL database applications start with understanding your needs, laying out the plan, and then implementing a solution that will give you a solid return on your investment.

How to fix and optimize my database?

Cloud Solutions

Cloud services now offer fantastic technology solution opportunities for small and mid-market businesses. We handle cloud migration and management for Amazon, Azure, and Google cloud service.

How can technology help my business?

MS Access Consulting

We have a long history of working with existing MS Access applications. We can update, maintain your MS Access application, or migrate legacy MS Access systems to a web based application where appropriate.

How to convert Access application to web database?

Projects & Solutions

We offer a wide-range of highly customizable solutions for different industries.


Optimal price/quality ratio

Hourly based

Best for projects without a fixed scope or well-defined specifications (such as legacy projects). Work can be started quickly.

What are our hourly rates?

Fixed-cost based

Ideal for well-defined requirements or fixed-budget projects. Usually requires a detailed systems assessment to start.

What costs to expect?


See what customers have to say about our work.

Bernd Hosey and Engineered IT, Inc has been a business life saver. Not only have they devised systems that work faster and more efficiently, but have streamlined the business' work flow. Whenever BMI needs help, no matter if it is a large issue or a small improvement, they are responsive and quick to work on solutions. They have been innovative with new ways to manage data and developed creative solutions when standard solutions did not work for our problems. BMI cannot imagine being in business without their help and service

BMI Property Tax Reduction Chicago, IL

Excellent overall - extremely professional, responsive and very talented.

GemuSoft Germany, Europe

Absolutely great people to work with! Great communication and complete guidance. Great suggestions offered, timely work, excellent work!

cveras Canada

Spirit Cultural Exchange has been working with Engineered IT for over 10 years and has relied on them for all of our operational systems development including CRM, finance and systems integration with suppliers and governmental entities. EIT has worked seamlessly with our internal staff to develop requirements and implement every type of system improvement including minor fixes, major functional enhancements, and even a complete system migration to a web based cloud platform. EIT is particularly good at taking rough functional specifications and working with our users to design a system flow and user interface that best meets their needs. Their deliverables are accurate the first time and never need major testing or design rework. EIT is a true business partner.

Richard Baader, CEO and Co-Founder
Spirit Cultural Exchange, Oak Park, IL

EIT made the mobile conversion of my website painless.

Dr. Versaci DDS Western Springs, IL

Oleg has helped us to produce a technology from scratch - an impressive feat! He took the time to understand our requirements, and patiently work through the entire production process. The quality of his work is superb, and I highly recommend him!

dhcrusoe US

Excellent work and great service on a challenging project! We appreciate your help very much.

RedWhite Chicago, IL

Provided extra features that we didn't even think of. Great people that can give you expert advice on creative solutions.

nautica1244 US

Very good code. The CMS turned out better than expected.


We are a Chicago area based company that specializes in custom applications, website, and database solutions for small to mid-sized businesses. Our services range from small custom Microsoft Access databases to large highly scalable Amazon Web Services cloud hosted applications. Founded in 2002, we primarily serve clients in the Chicago area, but have delivered solutions all over the world.

Please contact us directly if you have questions about the services that we offer.

Bernie Hosey


"I started this business after working for years as a consulting mechanical engineer. I enjoyed the technical challenges of engineering, but my mechanical career path seemed to diverge from my growing interest in building software and web applications. In 2002 I made a career change and became a small business owner.

Most of our work is in the greater Chicago area with an office location in the western suburbs. However, ever improving technology means that we can work remotely with clients all over the world. I really enjoy this work and have a great team of people available to deliver quality services to great clients."

Oleg Savchuk

Lead Software Developer

"I began to program computers early in school. I've learned dozens of languages and techniques, participated in start-ups, worked in large and small companies. After more than 20 years in the industry I still love to build software applications.

I enjoy travel and have lived in the Ukraine, Vietnam and the Unites States. I also like to build Lego robots with my kids and investigate Artificial Intelligence."