Providing a solid return on your investment to improve your bottom line.

Different projects require different approaches when it comes to fees and pricing. We offer the choice of hourly-based or fixed-cost projects.

We'll work with you to understand both the project requirements and your business to deliver a solid return on your investment.


Best for projects that:

  • Need to be started quickly and show results early
  • Have a fuzzy project scope
  • Do not have well-defined requirements
  • Are research or investigation projects
  • Are ongoing projects

Our current standard rates are $125-175/hour depending on the staff and services provided.


Best for projects that:

  • Have a fixed work scope
  • Need to cap potential expenses
  • Have detailed specifications
  • Are "standard" work with established practices

If you prefer a fixed cost approach, but are not sure of the actual requirements, we can provide a system assessment to determine scope of work and help establish a budget.

We're happy to discuss budget early in the conversation. Once we understand your project needs we are able to compare with similar completed projects, provide a budget and evaluate the target return on investment.


Our organization had worked with EIT for years before I joined the team. They were engaged to help support our existing database structure. I was always impressed with their ability to help us work with a tool that was not designed for our purposes. They always had a vision for a better tool for our needs. We are a small non-profit and raised funds for a new custom database. During the bidding process, it became apparent that EIT had the best vision and the technical ability to build our new database.
They studied our existing architecture and listened carefully to what did and didn’t work for us and got to work. When one aspect of our project turned out to be more complicated than either of us had planned for, we worked together to come up with a more reasonable timeline. Communication with the team is a pleasure. Their response time to requests and questions was immediate and their task application was great for communicating and keeping track of our progress.

Amy Torres, Assistant Director of Programs, Reading in Motion

We chose EIT because they were local, they were approachable and responsive, they were able to assist right away, and their quote was reasonable. Larger companies that I contacted were physically located far away and made it known that the scope of work that we laid out wasn’t large enough for them to bother with. It’s worth your time to consider a smaller company like EIT. They’re friendly, they take the time to figure out just what you need, they’re responsive, and their quotes are cheaper. I would recommend EIT to anyone.

Annie Davis, Network Analysist, Workforce Development for a Local Government