Optimal price to quality ratio

Different projects require different approaches when it comes to fees and pricing. We offer the choice of hourly-based or fixed-cost projects.

Regardless of the project cost, the cost-time-scope triangle applies.


Typical rates - $125-150/hour

Best for projects that:

  • Need to be started quickly and show results early
  • Have a fuzzy project scope
  • Do not have well-defined requirements
  • Are research or investigation projects
  • Are ongoing projects


Usually requires system assessment to determine scope of work.

Best for projects that:

  • Have a fixed work scope
  • Need to cap potential expenses
  • Have detailed specifications
  • Are "standard" work with established practices

Sometimes the best approach is to combine both pricing methods, for example, major project work could be completed as a fixed-cost, while further support, bugfixes, and new features are hourly-based.