Systems Assessment

From current problems to an ideal solution

migrate from current system with issues to new hassle-free system

Engineered IT's Systems Assessment will benchmark your current state and provide a road map for improvement. Our assessment is presented in an easy to understand format; you will receive an executive level summary, and list of action items for you to take the next step.
The report includes detailed research on:

  • Your current state
  • Ideal future state
  • Options for application development and implementation

The report includes analysis and recommendations for:

  • Software or database platform
  • Implementation
  • Phasing
  • Budget
  • Training
  • Support

The best part of an Engineered IT's Systems Assessment is that it gives you a plan! You can take these results to your in-house staff, web designer, consultant, or let us build the system for you.

Systems Assessments for Chicago-area companies will be delivered in person and thoroughly explained, regardless of whether you do the follow-up work in-house, with another consultant, or with Engineered IT. We want you to get the most out of your database, website, or software application.