Database Consulting

Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access Database Administration

Our database consulting experience varies from small Microsoft Access applications to robust Microsoft SQL client server applications with millions of records, stored procedures, functions, user-defined types, and other complex features.

Many small businesses rely on a ‘home built’ Microsoft Access application that often outgrows the abilities of the original designer, or becomes slow and corrupt. There are many reason to convert your MS Access application to a web app. We have experience stepping in to existing projects and getting things back on track, as well as building applications from scratch. Common requests include:

  • Speed issues and slow running forms and reports
  • Adding or editing reports
  • Splitting or upsizing to SQL server
  • New forms, queries, or tables
  • Migrating Excel data to a Microsoft Access format

We are also well experienced in Microsoft SQL server on either client server applications or database driven websites. Typical engagements involve:

  • Configuration changes for speed tuning or stability
  • Maintenance planning to ensure that your data will be there when you need it
  • Performance tuning
  • Views, stored procedures, and triggers

And if you need help with MySQL server we can do that too:

  • Install and configure (on Windows, Ubuntu, Debian...)
  • Optimize for better speed
  • Analyze existing database for issues
  • Migrate data between engines (ex: MyISAM to InnoDB)

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Our entire experience with Engineered IT has been a pleasure. They have been prompt, communicative, personable, accommodating, and knowledgeable. They resolved in less than 2 hours a DB issue we had been struggling with for months. We are so impressed with them that we are already looking to work with them in transitioning an existing DB to Azure and creating a new DB.
Update 9/14/2020: We had Engineered IT transition a locally hosted DB to Microsoft Azure so that remote employees can now access the data (securely) from anywhere. Game changer! Another job well done by Oleg and Bernie.

Annie Davis, Network Analysist, Workforce Development for a Local Government