How to fix and optimize my database?

Access database, SQL Server database, MySQL database, basically any database

Databases are probably the most important part of the software since they store all the business data and structures.
No wonder if the database stops to work properly it would significantly affect company work.

Database Issue Types

Let's take a closer look at those issues.

Database Crash

When database crashes it could be caused by:

How to solve:

Database Failure

Software failures or glitches are weird as they could happen occasionally and it's hard to find cause root.

Common causes:

How to solve:

Consistency/Integrity Issues

Such issues related not to DB server itself, but to the way database structures where designed.
You could tell your database have these issues if:

Some of such issues could be solved on database level, but usually it will require your software to be updated/rewritten since database structures could be significantly changed.

How to fix these issues:

Performance Issues

Good database performance is required to successfully serve client needs.

What could cause bad database speed:

Common ways to optimize database:

Database Security

Data security is very important since nobody want their data leaked to wrong hands.

Common security issues:

How to secure your database:

As you can see database issues could be complex to solve and if you need to fix or optimize your database - Contact Us and we'll help you.