Why Convert Your MS Access to Web?

The Advantages of Web-Based Applications Over Access

why convert ms access to web

Better Performance & Easy to Scale

  • Web-based apps can have a virtually unlimited number of concurrent users without locking or freezing
  • Offers easier collaboration between users
  • Users can work from home or remote offices
  • The application is not limited to the local network (and there is no need for VPN)
  • Web apps are quicker with large data sets due to properly designed DB structures & optimized queries
  • With cloud storage like S3 it's possible to store zettabytes of data without worrying about disk space

Straightforward User Interface & Simple Usability

  • Web-based apps offer a consistent, standard approach to the interface, allowing for easier adoption by users
  • With a browser-based interface, there is no need to learn app-specific skills
  • A responsive-first approach allows users to work on devices with different screen sizes - desktops, tablets, smartphones
  • A modern, fresh-looking interactive interface based on Bootstrap 4/5 instead of an old outdated Access UI
  • User interface can be customized for your business, by user type, and by the individual user.

Improved Security - Unlike "home made" Access applications, we build with a security first approach

  • All passwords are hashed/encrypted in DB and users can be required to use strong passwords
  • Includes integrated prevention of brute force attacks
  • Includes integrated prevention of common security issues like XSS, CSRF and SQL-injections
  • Option to add 2-factor authentication
  • If hosted on Amazon, we always turn on encrypted storage for web and DB instances
  • All source code is stored in secure Bit Bucket repository with enabled 2-factor authentication
  • Different user levels can be created to limit access level by user

More Reliable

  • Standard stack of reliable components used: Windows - IIS - ASP.NET - SQL Server
  • It is based on open-source framework with structured, straightforward development, which minimizes developer mistakes
  • Source code is kept in git repository - easier to review, track for changes, and apply bugfixes
  • Visual Studio is used for development, which is much more convenient and productive than Access's VB editor
  • There are no "hidden" and hard to track or fix Access issues or bugs
  • Cloud hosting like Amazon is very reliable, regular automatic backups are available.
  • Multi-zone web and DB servers can be configured for 99.99% or more availability

Easier to Maintain

  • Based on VB.NET language, which is very similar to Access's VB
  • Based on standard ASP.NET so it is easy to find or switch developers for support
  • Based on open-source framework which means there are no vendor lock issues

Easier Deployment

  • Instant availability
  • No need to install any software on client PCs
  • Works from standard browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge
  • When updates or bugfixes are completed the live site can be updated to the latest version immediately, with no action required on the user's side
  • No need for RDC
  • No need for VPN

Web Hosting Details - Final solution can be hosted on any cloud provider that supports windows

(Large companies: Azure, Google Cloud, Amazon or Smaller: Linode or Godaddy)
We have more experience with Amazon:

  • Quickest to configure & easier for maintenance
  • Very flexible if you need to scale
  • Very reliable and cheaper than most other providers (if properly configured/reserved)

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written by
Tina Frank

Project Manager with a background in design and an affection for effective communication, organization, and a good plan.