Problems with Legacy Programs

and the solutions to fix them

Microsoft Access databases were initially favored for their simplicity and accessibility, but as your business grows, they are not always equipped to handle remote access, new complexities, larger data sets, and increased staff sizes. We understand these common issues and provide high quality solutions.

Slow or Locking Database Quick and Responsive Database
As the volume of MS Access data grows, the performance may degrade, it may become challenging to scale the database efficiently, and the risk of data corruption increases. There are many causes to a slow or locking MS Access database, our solutions address these issues. An early step in our process is to ensure that the new database is well thought out for performance, flexibility and future growth.
Hard to Support Easy to Support
Legacy databases are often built by non-professionals making them difficult to update and support. Updating the application, adding features, and onboarding new users can be a nightmare. We use database design best practices that are standardized for easy handover to other support staff as necessary. Backend code is stored in a central versioning repository (typically GitHub). Code updates are easily deployed to the application.
Not Easy to Use Easy to Use
Depending on design, training users on Access has a learning curve. It is also cumbersome for remote workers trying to login with RDC, and users trying to access on small screens such as a laptop, tablet, or phone often cannot view the program without headaches. Our solutions are always designed with the user in mind. Anyone who can navigate the web can navigate our interface. Users do not need to install MS Access locally which ensures seamless accessibility from any device with an internet connection, and our framework is designed to work on various screen sizes.
Security Concerns Secure
Access lacks advanced security controls, making it less suitable for handling sensitive or confidential data. User access levels are awkward to implement making it difficult to limit access to areas of the db without complex and difficult to manage code. We implement appropriate access controls, encryption, and other security features to safeguard the integrity and confidentiality of the information stored within the web application in accordance with security best practices.

We understand your MS Access issues, but transitioning to a completely new system can be frustrating. Check out our process for investigating your current system, implementing our solutions, and onboarding your staff to minimize transition pain.