Document Management

Forms, Files, Access Rights...


Our custom document management solutions allow you to handle legacy files as well as manage structured data via convenient forms. Comprehensive access rights allows for the simultaneous access of different user roles to appropriate company data.

Successful Document Management Projects

Examples of successfully completed projects:

Company Profile: Property tax reduction services.
Problem: All client-related documents were stored on a shared disk drive and manually accessed via Windows Explorer.
Solution: EIT created a web-based document management application (ASP.NET, SQL Server) with convenient search and filtering capabilities. It also enabled the export of any document to pdf.

Company Profile: Not for profit community group in Australia.
Problem: All company policies and procedures stored and transferred between employees manually as files, which complicated versioning and search. Needed all data to be available off line in the bush country.
Solution: EIT created a web-based document management application (PHP, MySQL) as well as an iOS mobile application (Phonegap) which streamlined quick access to company policies even in areas without a stable internet connection.